HI, I'm Chris. I started mindier to create solutions and strategies for entrepreneurs and freelancers who struggle with conventional time management and mindfulness.

My core techniques focus on building traction, addressing distraction, and leveraging subtraction. To help, we draw from these three categories:




How did I get here?


My startup had just failed. I moved back to Santa Monica, CA completely defeated and unsure how to start over. I was motivated, but felt alone, burned out, and overwhelmed

photo chris dumler at coloft 2013


I continued to develop my interest in action-focused time-management, exploring alternatives to popular productivity methods like Getting Things Done (GTD), which I found to be too heavy and too restrictive

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I start dabbling more seriously in mindfulness after discovering Jon Kabat-Zinn on YouTube. I practice in the morning, feel great, but still scattered, unfocused, with low-level anxiety by noon. I understand the exercises, but haven't yet learned the mechanics or the skills to develop

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After Chill.com fails, a small team of us remain and pivot to develop and launch Tappy to compete against SnapChat


Tappy becomes the first company to be acquired by Tinder. Professionally, I manage the business analytics team that helps turn Tinder into a global giant. Personally, I explore a range of lightweight "life hacks" including time management techniques like Pomodoro and simple breathing techniques like box breathing

photo of chris dumler at the tinder main office


Professionally and personally I feel successful, but burned out. With money saved, my wife and I form a plan to let go of 90% of our possessions and take time to reflect. We drive the car to San Diego, sell it at a CarMax, and spend the next five months on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and the Oregon Coast Trail (OCT). The goal is to reflect on the last decade and re-orient

PCT People Project photo with Chris Dumler standing in front of Mt San Jacinto


In a twist of fate, I find myself living in New Zealand during the pandemic. I try to start a new business amidst the chaos, but I'm unsatisfied and misaligned. I read Nir Eyal and Oliver Burkeman and explore alternatives to traditional time management. Then, I stumble upon a meditation titled "mindfulness for daily life" by Shinzen Young. I take the Core training and repeat it over and over for months. It's incredible!


I dive into the Unified Mindfulness approach to mindfulness. After gaining a certification, I begin leading the weekly community mindfulness training at the Nelson Buddhist Centre. I start group and 1:1 mindfulness coaching with athletes, entrepreneurs, and others

photo of mindfulness training with kickboxing class at Victory boxing
mindfulness training with chris dumler at the nelson buddhist centre


I complete the rigorous, year-long, Unified Mindfulness training, Compass. Needing to leave NZ, I form mindier.com as a way to share mindfulness training online. We continue as digital nomads in Europe


I pivot my coaching to focus solely on traction, distraction, and subtraction. I begin combining ChatGPT with time management strategies and prototype "Indistractable Scheduling". I soft-launch a new technique sequence called "PRRC" to help people transition between projects without procrastination. I organize the Unified Mindfulness signature retreat, Immersion, a five-day online retreat. I introduce Immersion's first mindfulness and neurodivergent community group. I launch the "coach quickstart" program to help new mindfulness coaches focus on action using time-blocking and body doubling

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I continue to share my discoveries with mindfulness, technology, and productivity with you. I experiment with small micro-communities, tactical solutions, and messages that are digestible and easy to deploy

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Focus training in the service of personal happiness

Having a coach help you on your mindfulness journey can really help you get more traction. Express your interest below and let’s see if this is right for you!