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how mindier will you become?​

mindier is about encouraging people to discover who they are and how they can best interact with the world by optimizing their mindset and mindfulness skills. The mindier community is made of people from all backgrounds and traditions. We support each other in the journey, report our discoveries and insights, and help each other better understand consciousness so that we might live happier, healthier, mindier lives.

what is the definition of "mindier"?

“mindier” is a fictitious word, but I like to make up words if they help make things more clear for me. Plus it’s fun! Here’s what “mindier” means to me:

mindier (adj.)

  1. Denoting a higher degree of consciousness applied to any activity, practice, or routine. This refers to an elevated awareness and understanding of the underlying principles, dynamics, and consequences involved in choices and actions. The term goes beyond business and extends to personal growth, fitness, diet, relationships, or any aspect of life.

  2. Pertaining to the cultivation of a more focused, adaptive, and resilient mindset. A “mindier” approach includes fostering mental agility and emotional intelligence. These individuals are adept at adapting to changing circumstances while maintaining resilience and determination.

  3. Indicative of a strategic understanding and application of the principles of traction, distraction, and subtraction. In any context, this could involve driving growth or gaining momentum towards personal goals (traction), minimizing disruptions or reducing distractions in daily routines (distraction), and eliminating unnecessary elements or unhealthy habits (subtraction). It signifies a delicate balance of these principles for efficient self and time management.

  4. Reflecting a commitment to thoughtful, deliberate decision-making that prioritizes sustainable, holistic outcomes. Whether it’s creating a “mindier” fitness routine or diet, or running a “mindier” business, the term represents the application of a thoughtful, proactive, and flexible approach to actions and decisions.

Example: With her “mindier” approach to life, she developed a fitness routine that balanced discipline and flexibility, practiced mindful eating, and strategically navigated her career trajectory. This approach helped her to maintain her physical health, foster emotional wellbeing, and achieve professional growth, while adeptly managing her time and energy.

Example: His “mindier” approach to life, marked by strategic decision-making, emotional intelligence, and an adaptable mindset, made him successful not just in business, but also in his personal health and relationships.

how can you become mindier?

There are several ways we can explore being mindier together.

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One of the most effective ways to accelerate your mindier journey is to explore one of the workshops or micro-courses that I continue to create, and update.

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about Chris Dumler

My name is Chris – I am the founder of mindier.

I’ve always had an interest in personal development, seeking ways to live a more interesting and satisfied life, believing that everything would follow.

But in 2020 I got stuck. There was loads of good information out there, but it all neglected a core principle: nothing sticks if you don’t have the attention skills.

After dabbling in stoicism, I discovered Unified Mindfulness, a modern and science-friendly approach to mindfulness focused on developing three core attentional skills: concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity.


tl;dr short bio

Chris Dumler is the founder of mindier.

mindier helps you develop the attentional skills, techniques, and strategies to live a more satisfied life. 

I am a certified Unified Mindfulness coach and trainer.

I have a long history in tech startups and developing startup community.  After being acquired by Tinder, I managed the data analytics team that turned the company from a startup into a global phenomenon.

Focus training in the service of personal happiness

Having a coach help you on your mindfulness journey can really help you get more traction. Express your interest below and let’s see if this is right for you!