Discover the basics

mindier at the NBC

Dive into this select series of guided mindfulness meditations recorded in 2022 at the Nelson Buddhist Centre in New Zealand.

Using the Unified Mindfulness system, these teachings provide an experiential introduction to foundational practices for training your attention and cultivating awareness.

No previous experience required. Follow along with the recordings to steady your attention and notice what arises in each moment.

Did you make it to Immersion?

Unified mindfulness is offering:

Get Permanent Access to All 30 Life Practice Room Special Instruction Workshops, 18 Unified Mindfulness Technique Instruction Hours,  2 “AMAs” (Ask Me Anything) with Shinzen Young, and The Daily Unpacks with Julianna Raye…

That’s over 50 hours of mindfulness training!

Focus training in the service of personal happiness

Having a coach help you on your mindfulness journey can really help you get more traction. Express your interest below and let’s see if this is right for you!