Introduction to Business Essentials

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Namecheap provides excellent prices on domain names
– I use Namecheap for researching what names are already taken
– After buying a domain name, I set up my business email with Google Workplace

Embarking on the journey of starting your a business of any kind can be both thrilling and daunting. As some of you are aware, I view tiny steps as ways to make large things happen. I’ll walk through my approach, sometimes called kaizen, where every successful venture begins with a single step. Let me walk you through those initial strides with insights from my personal experience.

Name Selection

Researching the right name is a creative exercise. Using tools like Namecheap for exploring existing names is a natural part of my exploration. When doing this, I aim to be mindful of how words meld together in a domain name – they can sometimes create unintended meanings or impressions.

Take your time to marinate in the potential names. Namecheap allows you to check the availability of your desired domain. But you’ll want to delve deeper than just that. Consider how the name looks and sounds. For instance, “Mind of Art” might unexpectedly transform into “mindofart.com”, potentially turning a good name into a stinker. When you have an idea for a name, practice saying it out lout, discussing it with friends, or envisioning it as part of your email (“name@businessname.com”) which all can provide valuable insights.

Building Your Business: Personal Insights into Each Step

After finalizing the name, the journey of establishing my business unfolded. Here’s a snapshot of the steps I took, each marked with personal decisions and learning experiences:

  1. Domain Registration: I started by securing a domain with Namecheap.
  2. Setting Up Email: Google Workspace was my choice for managing business communications.
  3. Formalizing the Business: For US businesses, forming an LLC and obtaining a tax ID through ZenBusiness made my venture officially operational.
  4. Financial Foundations: Opening a business bank account and securing insurance anchored the business in financial and operational security. (I’ve recently started using a bank called Found for my business that I LOVE and it’s aimed at self-employed like us. I’ve also found an insurance company called Alternative Balance that is affordable and designed for coaches of all sorts.) See below for in-depth reviews.

While there are services that combine some of these steps, I found value in selecting specific tools for each task, ensuring quality and suitability for each aspect of my business.

Why I Chose Specific Tools: Sharing My Experience

If you’re interested in why I chose these particular tools and services, I’ve begun detailing my experiences and reasons in my reviews and video walkthroughs. This is where I share my perspective on leveraging each tool’s strengths.

Embarking on Your Unique Journey

Starting your mindfulness coaching business is a deeply personal and unique journey. It’s about making choices, embracing challenges, and celebrating successes. As you embark on this path, remember it’s your story to write.

I am here to support and guide you, sharing insights from my own experiences. Together, we can transform your vision into a thriving reality.

Focus training in the service of personal happiness

Having a coach help you on your mindfulness journey can really help you get more traction. Express your interest below and let’s see if this is right for you!