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Did you make it to Immersion?

Unified mindfulness is offering:

Permanent Access to All 30 Life Practice Room Special Instruction Workshops, 18 Unified Mindfulness Technique Instruction Hours,  2 “AMAs” (Ask Me Anything) with Shinzen Young, and The Daily Unpacks with Julianna Raye…

That’s over 50 hours of mindfulness training!

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Pause. Relax.
Reset. Proceed.

Discover a simple method to maintain momentum while addressinng uncertainty

"Am I doing this right?"

Start with confidence. Tips to get the most out of any meditation technique

Indistractable Scheduling

Learn how I use ChatGPT to schedule my day and maintain traction with mindfulness

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Focus training in the service of personal happiness

Having a coach help you on your mindfulness journey can really help you get more traction. Express your interest below and let’s see if this is right for you!